About Us

Adam Kipnes has been working with small business owner for the last 17 years and coaching for the last 7.  During this time, Adam has found that most of his clients have the same core situation – Their skill and talent has become their business and they are great at it.  However, they never truely learned how to operate an effective business.  And most everything they have learned about marketing is wrong.

This lack of marketing and business know-how, leads to under-performing companies that never seen to reach their promise.  Through his company The 1495 Group, Adam first finds his clients $10,000 in their first meeting that these business owners can go out and get immediately.  Every business has money just waiting for it.  It’s just a matter of understanding and implementing the correct marketing methods.  True marketing success comes from entering the conversation taking place in the mind of the prospect.


Joan Magill is a founder/owner/partner of several prominent for-profit and national non-profit companies. She is a national consultant/trainer for businesses on operational performances and is known for her innovative ability to identify core social and economic industry problems to develop successful strategies that adapt well to changing markets. She is a licensed real estate broker/educator with certifications in several states and is a Certified Color Code Trainer and Communication Coach to large and small companies to increase cash flow and profitability.

Known for her ability to create niche multiple state real estate firms, she has been recognized as one of the 50 largest women owned businesses by the Baltimore Business Journal for six years, as recently as 2014. In addition, she was the first woman to receive the highest award from a National Non-Profit, Associate of the Year Award in 1978, the highest award given by the Association.

Ms. Magill is a supporter for human rights, empowering women and creating better financial opportunities for children through education, sustainable mentoring programs, and socially responsible environmental practices. She is a 40-year veteran of serving on different trade and philanthropic organization’s Boards of Directors, as a Director, an Officer and a Trustee.