"I just wanted to take minute to thank you for letting me be your client. I turned to you for some advice based on what I know about your consulting training, but I had no idea how much of an immediate impact you would have on my life. I used your strategy today and felt instantly inspired, creative, effective and truly in control."
Kim, Phoenix, AZ

"Buddy the past two days were great. Transformative in fact. You likely changed the direction of my firm forever. I don't take that massive task lightly. "
Mike, Phoenix, AZ

"Adam is insightful, effective and cares. He can't make you execute but he brings the right perspective and encouragement to help maintain focus and accomplish the goals."
Tammy M., Dallas, TX

"I've been working with Adam Kipnes weekly for several years , and I find his executive coaching invaluable. Adam attends numerous conferences himself every year in order to constantly advance his coaching, executive, business, leadership and marketing skills. Thanks to his intellectual curiosity, his deep commitment to excellence, and his professionalism Adam is able to deliver sound and actionable advice, creative problem solving, and strategic thinking on both specific issues (e.g. best next step with a given prospect) and broad business topics (e.g. overall firm marketing strategy). Adam is fun to work with because he has a great sense of humor and is an excellent listener. He is able to acknowledge a job well done, and a milestone or activity accomplished in ways that encourages momentum and progress. He is also able to hold his client's feet to the fire in a constructive way when the situation calls for it. For 5 years in a row, our firm's revenues have grown more every year than they grew the prior year, and our work with Adam has been an important part of this success."
Greg T., San Francisco, CA